Comfort & Joy-Giving Fragrance: The Perfect Gift For the Season

Dec 7, 2018 |
Tips to Gift Pure Fragrance Co. This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for giving gifts! Every year we search high and low, looking for the perfect presents for a long list of friends, family, and acquaintances. Sometimes it can feel pretty overwhelming (oh, the pressure!), other times it seems more like a treasure hunt than a trip to the mall (must. scour. every. store). And then there are those of us who find ourselves embracing the spirit of competition (have to outdo last year’s amazing finds or give a better gift than so-and-so).


However you approach gift giving this season, we want to help! Air fresheners from Pure Fragrance Co. make thoughtful and unique gifts for everyone on your list. Read on to discover ways you can give the gift that lasts beyond the holidays and well into their Happy New Year. Present them all with a gift of healthier, cleaner, and merrier fragrance.


Stocking stuffers

Stockings are no longer just for the kids! Everyone gets one these days - even the furriest members of our family. However, these filler gifts are often the most predictable. Socks: standard. Deodorant: okay, sure. Chapstick: bring on the basics. Jewelry: fingers crossed. Favorite candy: an absolute must! This year, when you’re filling their stocking, why not surprise them with something new? Show them you care about their air and stock their home + car with amazing, long-lasting fragrance.


Host gifts

Celebrate the start of party season with a dash of PURE gifting genius. The holidays are filled with festive gatherings; some that are more obligatory in nature and others we look forward to all year. In addition to finding the perfect soiree attire and hors d’oeuvres to contribute, you’ll want to find the perfect hostess gift as well. We think a bottle of something special along with a Pure Fragrance Co. air freshener equals a sensory showstopper combination! Pro tip: our Home Sticks are the ideal length and width to place alongside their favorite wine, Christmas ale, or NYE bubbly!


Secret Santa

It’s no secret that office holiday parties are notorious for requiring participation in an anonymous gift swap or a game of White Elephant. Finding gifts for these exchanges can be particularly stressful (not sure about you, but we have visions of teapots and iPods from a very famous holiday episode of The Office). Avoid the impulse for last-minute regifting, or scavenging your house for anything just festive enough to pass around without being totally embarrassed. Instead, be proactive and inventive! We think a themed bundle of our new & spectacular air fresheners for their homes and cars is a pretty brilliant idea (winky face emoji).


Special delivery

Have you struck up a friendship with your USPS worker or UPS driver? It’s not unusual this time of year when more and more of us are choosing to buy online or auto-deliver purchases to our homes. Even more so, with all the hustle and bustle we’re likely to greet our packages and the one who delivers them with a welcome smile at our doors or mailboxes. So, here’s a fresh idea: delight them with something unique and just for them. A selection of our auto air fresheners for their truck, or a variety of home + car diffusers they’ll take home and enjoy, will send an incredible message of recognition for everything they do.


Teacher appreciation

Educators do some of the most important work in our world. When it comes to showing appreciation, we think they deserve more than just words of gratitude. Sure, gift cards are great, but what about flexing those creative gifting muscles? Gain a little extra credit when you add something practical yet remarkable to their gift box, bag, or basket. This year give them the gift that keeps on giving: beautiful, long-lasting fragrance. Because kids are great, but let’s be real: they can get smelly. Present the teachers in your life with sweet-smelling scents for their classroom – you might just get a gold star! PS if you want to go old school, we suggest offering teacher an Apple + Cinnamon scented gift.


Treat yourself

Let’s face it: this is the time of year we are also most likely to shop for ourselves. With all the shopping we have to do, whether in-store or online, it’s tough to resist! Especially when there always seems to be a special sale happening, and it’s all too easy to convince yourself it will never happen again. Our advice?  Give in! Within reason of course, but there’s also nothing wrong with treating yourself. After all, you take care of everyone else - why not practice a little fragrant self-care this holiday season while you’re at it!

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