The Great Fall Changeover: Farewell Summer, Hello Autumn!

Oct 17, 2018 |
The Great Fall Changeover: Farewell Summer, Hello Autumn!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fall may be the most highly anticipated season of them all, at least if social media is a good indicator. Approaching excitement for pumpkin spice lattes and warm, oversized scarves seems to happen earlier and earlier every year. Now we get overzealous updates in July that say things like “Can’t wait for #PSL season to finally be here already!” Or, the more inspirational posts like “When someone says it’s too soon for pumpkin spice, and you realize you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.” Memes that exclaim EVERY DAY I’M RUSTLIN’ and FALLELUJAH flood our Instagram accounts, and even the most hot-blooded of us don’t mind because it’s hard not to fall in love with fall.

There’s just something about autumn that indulges the senses and delights the heart with eager expectation. Perhaps it’s the distinct contrasts fall has with its previous season. The difference between summer and fall sights, sounds, tastes, and for our purposes – smells – are pretty incredible. What was alive and green is now dying, but oh my what beautiful decay! Golds, reds, ambers, burnt oranges – all wondrous to behold. 

The season gets two major holidays and several major gourds. There’s a time change plus a new chill in the air, and along with these things, a spirit of newness and possibility. As we stomp down covered sidewalks, the sound of crunching leaves underneath booted feet can make us want to sing out loud for all to hear: FALL IS HERE! And so, with unabashed enthusiasm, we compiled a list of our favorite things to changeover from summer to autumn. Read ahead for ideas on how small changes can make a big difference this fall. 


Experts agree that eating seasonally is the best way to eat. Fruits and vegetables tend to taste better when they are fresher, having been harvested in their proper time they retain more flavor and nutrition. Moreover, there’s a lot of evidence that eating seasonally can keep us healthier by helping to ward off colds or bouts of depression caused by changes in temperature and light. That’s particularly true for fall, the season that ushers us into shorter days and darker nights (not to mention flu season). Therefore, we believe a shift in season is a great time to shift eating habits. We suggest adding onion and garlic to hearty soups and stews, which act as antioxidants and are known to reduce inflammation. Root vegetables like parsnips, turnips, carrots, and sweet potatoes are perfect additions to your fall cuisine. They are full of fiber and essential nutrients, as are the various types of squash the season has to offer. 

Craving something sweet? Spice all the apples, pears, and cranberries you can get your hands on. Eat them alone or bake them into a crust of your choosing. Toss in an array of seasonal nuts, seeds, and spices. Pecans, black walnuts, and pumpkin seeds mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger provide flavorful crunch to your yummy desserts, crumbly toppings, and homemade granola. And ooh, let’s not forget about the pie! Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, combination pies made from all those spiced apples, pears, and cranberries... Okay, time to wipe the drool off our mouths and start prepping our fall pantry! 


The heat of summer might be fun for some fashionistas, but it can also be limiting in terms of wardrobe. While resigned to light, breathable fabrics and shoes, some of us pine for more variety. You’ll have more options in fall versus summer because well, the season requires more clothes. By the time autumn rolls around, and temperatures begin to drop, we are ready to transition our clothing to warmer, comfier styles. 

When changing over to a fall wardrobe, keep in mind that you don’t have to say goodbye to all your summer clothes just yet. Easily transition with layers! Add tights to skirts, dresses, or dress shorts. Keep cardigans, light sweaters and jackets on hand for indoor-to-outdoor attire. Boots are back but some days may require a lighter tread, like those of flats, loafers, sneakers, and even some open-toed sandals or heels. Change your color palate as well, opting for richer, bolder hues, patterns, and plaids. Oh, and don’t forget your favorite hat-and-glove combo for those brisk, blustery days!


We change our clothes every fall, so why shouldn’t we change our living spaces as well? And we don’t just mean festive decorations – all the jack-o-lanterns and fake spiders, salt + pepper shakers dressed up as pilgrims and cornucopias are great fun, but you can also make small, inexpensive changeovers that have nothing to do with the two major holidays. Plus, depending on your preferences, you can quickly make your home reflect the new season in ways unique to you. 

First, we suggest warming up your bedroom with thicker textures, cozier fabrics, and season-specific colors and patterns. Changing out rugs to deeper, darker hues can make a room feel instantly warmer and comfier. Perhaps you play with bold plaids or touches of faux fur here and there. Brass candelabras, pine wreaths, and leaf garland are nice touches to set an autumnal mood. We also love these acorn string lights and this fall specific welcome mat. Just remember – whatever changes you decide to make – make sure they bring the kind of joy that feels at home this fall. 


Fall not only tickles the visual and culinary senses but the olfactory senses receive a nice boost also. Seasonal scents are another way to changeover lifestyle aesthetic and create a new ambiance for a new season. Summer scents, like summer clothes, tend to be light and airy, often featuring floral or citrus notes like jasmine, rose, mimosa, bergamot, and orange blossom. Fall scents, in contrast, tend to be rich and robust like the season. Cold weather makes scents harder to evaporate, therefore we need them to be denser, headier. Just as fall attire offers a wider variety of clothes to wear, fall scents open up a broader palate full of sweet-smelling potential. 

When it comes to home scents, on the one hand, it’s sugar, spice, and everything nice (not to mention pumpkin, pumpkin everywhere). We simply adore our more traditional Apple + Cinnamon and Vanilla fragrances for fall, but then again, we might be a bit biased. On the other hand, woodsy, musky scents are also perfect for fall. Notes of vetiver, sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, and patchouli are prominent and absolutely appropriate. Our Charcoal + Musk products contain many of these fragrance notes, lending your home or car a cleaner, crisper, more fall-like aroma.

How you change from season to season is entirely up to you. We’re just here to add our two scents from time to time. Ultimately, we believe you should eat, wear, see, and smell the things that warm, comfort, delight (and even haunt!) you because hey, that’s what fall is all about!





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